Monday, June 22, 2015

Five Dollar Fridays

      You may have seen our commercial advertising our Five Dollar Friday deal. Since we started advertising, we have had many people coming in and calling with questions about what exactly this special deal is. 
         We make flower arrangements every day and sometimes the flowers we use will have more than one blossom lower on a stem and it gets buried in our arrangements which can cause the bouquet to mold. When this happen we have to cut off these lower blossoms. Usually these "cut-offs"(although nothing is wrong with them) get thrown away because they were just too short to put in any of our regular arrangements. So we came up with a way we could use these little beauties to offer our customers a deal and make us feel better about not wasting perfectly good blooms, hence Five Dollar Fridays.

These cuties are available every Friday after 3:00 pm and are a great little treat for friends and family or even yourself!
We do have a limit of 3 per customer so that everyone gets of a chance to enjoy this deal.
See you Friday!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Your 2015 Wedding Consultation

Brides, did you know the best time to book your florist is coming up?

After the rush of Valentine's Day and before the bustle of Spring, your florist has the most time to talk about your wedding day details. Consider making a consultation with your florist in March. In the meantime, prepare for your consultation by choosing a color scheme, asking your best friends to be your bridesmaids, and thinking about your guest count and table numbers! We look forward to hearing from you! Erin Forehand Photography

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Beyond the Website

     Having trouble choosing an arrangement? You know you want to treat that special person but maybe you don't know what they would like. We can help with that.
      Let us know about the person it's going to. What are their favorite colors, hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Give us artistic freedom and we will come up with something that won't disappoint and is sure to get all the "ooo's" and "ah's"  of coworkers and friends.


  Whether it's a presentation bouquet or an arrangement in a vase, the spiraling middolino armature (pictured at right and below left) is sure to add that sought after "wow factor" to your gift 

  Don't get us wrong, we love having our website, but choosing an exact arrangement from it really limits our creative abilities. Most of the time we can suggest something bigger and better for the same cost.          
      See something you really like? Tell us what about that arrangement catches your eye. The colors? The shape? The vase? We might have something in mind that you'll love even more! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Color Obsession

There are very few things I am willing to admit that I am obsessed with. But I will gladly say that this season I am OBSESSED with color. I mean, full on, umpteen pin boards, fatal attraction-obsessed with color. And with the chill of November upon us, I find myself searching high and low for the right winter pieces to add to my wardrobe . Even though I know I could easily put on an Aztec print sweater over a white peplum top from last year (and lets be honest, still look fabulous), there are new 2014 trends that I want to make staples in my closet.

This year it is all about the pastels. 

(Picture from Vogue)

One of the colors that I have been drooling over is the soft, almost blush pink, Dusty Rose. This goes well for every occasion, and on basically every skin tone. 
Yet, my Dusty Rose affinity is easily rivaled by my infatuation with an intoxicating hue, called...
(dun, dun, dun!)

The dark rich color of Oxblood compliments the soft pastels in a way that isn't too dramatic for everyday wear. So classic, so spectacular, all the time.
(Picture from PinkPeonies)

(Picture source unknown)

Even in small doses, this color makes a big impact. Finishing off a pastel getup with a pop of oxblood, even if just on your pout, has power.

 (Picture from WhoWhatWear)
If bold colors scare you a bit, give oxblood a try with an accessory, such as a fun bag or hat. 

(Picture source unknown)

I am not alone in my obsession with this rich color. The rest of the girls here at the shop have embraced its beauty and have made this look all their own. 

By adding just a touch of Oxblood color to her lips, Abby has taken seasonally ambiguous colors and made them fit for the fall. Powder blue and dusty rose (there it is again) are no longer designated to your childhood Easter dresses. When paired with black tights, moto boots, and OXBLOOD, you have a runway look that translates easy into real world style.

As Blakemore's resident fashionista, I'm hear to tell you once and for all; if you haven't cultivated a healthy Oxblood obsession yet- you will soon. Don't be left behind... winter is coming.
~Alyse Renee

Thursday, October 30, 2014

In Defense of the Common Houseplant

Let's talk about houseplants. Bear with me. While there will always be plant lovers, most of us associate the common houseplant with our grandmothers. For whatever reason, be it fear, apathy, commitment issues, or even downright laziness, houseplants are becoming an endangered species these days.

Until recently none of my 20 something friends had a single plant in their possession.  Thanks to Pinterest, and the rise of the adorable succulent, that's starting to change. Succulents are popping up everywhere, even in the homes of Gen X'ers like myself. I'm hoping what started as a fad turns into something more lasting...the rediscovery of the houseplant!

So why should you take the risk and bring another dependent into your life? Because when you bring a plant or two into your home you are starting a symbiotic relationship that asks very little of you and gives a lot in return.

According to the NASA Clean Air Study Many common houseplants, such as the Peace Lily, purify the air in your home by removing chemicals such as formaldehyde and raising oxygen levels. This in turn can help boost your mood, cause you to sleep better, and be less likely to get headaches. Click here for an easy to read list of proven air cleaners.

But, you're busy and you're not really used to plants. You're still perfect strangers. Have no fear. Plants are less of a commitment then a goldfish. If your plant dies you don't have to go through any gruesome toilet flushing episodes or wonder how much it suffered in its last hours. You can simply throw it in the trash and carry on with your life proud of yourself that you tried. When you're ready you can try again. Most plants are cheap. Even if your little fern or ivy lasts only a month it's far longer than a vase of flowers, and for half the price.

Once you can successfully keep that little pothos alive , you can venture into the wide world of edibles. Herbs! Imagine all of the sensational meals you can cook up with your own kichen herb garden for your culinary curiousity. And for those of you who are interested in the sustainable living movement, a small house plant is a great first step in learning how to garden and homestead.

A quick google seach or a skim through Pinterest can help you find your perfect starter plant. If that fails, just ask your grandmother :)


Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Fun and Funky Rubber Band Cube

Rubber band cube with mixed Gerbera daisies
        Looking for something a little fun and different? Our rubber band cube arrangement might be the right choice for 

We took colorful rubber bands and arranged them around a clear glass cube to provide a little extra flare for a low cost. 
      For around $40 you can get this arrangement of mixed Gerbera daisies or an assortment of blooms, perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or for someone who just needs a little pick me up.
A great way to organize your desk!
        This would especially be a great gift for students, teachers, or someone who works in an office. After the flowers are gone, the recipient has a special keepsake they can use to organize their pens, markers, scissors, and other supplies.
       Let our designers select your flowers or feel free to pick out your own! The choice is yours! Call us today and order your gift!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mustard Must-Haves

Today I walked outside onto my porch, steamy cup of coffee in hand, and I was shocked by that old familiar chill. Totally knocked me right out of my summer state of mind. Since it feels like fall is upon us (whether we like it or not) I figured its time for a trans-seasonal fashion blog post! What could be better for late summer/early fall than a mustard trend alert?! We have been seeing this intense golden hue everywhere this year - from sunflowers in wedding bouquets to rich honey tones in fall scarves. This brilliant color is forecasted as being another hit for the fall and even into upcoming winter months! Blakemore's Boutique has just what you need to make this look all your own! Check out the awesome styles below that we will have just in time for our big open house on the 29th of August.

Blakemore's Flowers has some pretty amazing brides to work with and a few of our most fearless fashionistas have led the charge, concocting the most adorable and unexpected uses of the mustard trend for their summer nuptials.


~ Ashley the Intern